Lemon Bratwurst Soup with Horseradish Yogurt


Monday, monday! Time to do my weekly purge of items in our fridge and get creative!

I had enough veggies to make a vegetable stock, but feel free to use store bought chicken stock or veggie stock if you already have it in your pantry! I used all my vegetables that I had left from my Doorganics bin from last week. Not sure who Doorganics is…check them out! They are an amazing local company. www.doorganicsgr.com

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Good Ol’ Egg Salad

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Maybe it’s spring (or lack there of), maybe it’s the vastly approaching Easter (not sure)…but egg salad sounded super delicious. So I made some with my little brown eggs. I am not one to follow the no meat on Friday’s rule…but I know a lot of my family & friends do so this is a simple recipe that you can make for a couple days worth. We in fact don’t eat a ton of meat on a day to day basis so it was nice to switch it up and get some good, smelly protein in our diets.

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Hogwash Haven


I would say that last weekend was one of the most memorable times I have had in the kitchen in a while. Whenever I cook in someone else’s kitchen it creates a sort of “oh shit” feeling…like “where’s this” or “do you have that” or “will they like it?” If I could pack up my whole kitchen and bring it with me I would…just for my own security reasons. The last thing I want to do is disappoint my peoples taste buds, so I feel the need to bring a lot of things with me just in case….husband you are used to this by now aren’t you!?


Royal Oak Fun

With all that said, last Saturday we had a gathering at our cousin Alex’s place in Royal Oak. First off, I have to say how much I love Royal Oak and secondly what a wonderful host Alex was. Unfortunately we were missing many a family members at this gathering, but you were all there in spirit and we raised a glass (or many) for you, you did not go unforgotten. Alex took all 7 of us in with open arms and was the greatest host & Sous Chef EVER! She even offered to chop a whole red onion…which at the end I think she may have regretted. Royal Oak has been a city that has been a part of my life for about a decade and at one point I almost even moved there to start my hair career. I have had my best friends come and go from there and still some that reside. It is a quaint and clean city with most everything urban at your finger tips.

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