Summer Cooking Essentials


Summer is upon us friends. Bare with me this morning as my allergies are raging and my stomach is grumbling. I had no intent to post an entry, but started making a list for “summer essentials” for the kitchen. During the summer, my husband and I are fortunate enough to have a small place on a couple lakes within our families. The commutes are simple and quick and so should the dinners you indulge in. This is the time of year where we keep our home pantry & fridge dressed very scant as we don’t spend much time here! Keeping a focus on having light and easy suppers accompanied by tasty wine or local beer is how we like to eat. In my eyes it is fun to all engage somehow. For instance last weekend we made homemade pizzas on the grill. Next thing you know we are tossing fresh pizza dough around the kitchen as if we were true Italians ourselves, but far from it! The za’s turned out super tasty and pretty quick to pull together with the help of everyone.

The month of June we have spent a lot of time at Barlow Lake adjacent to Gun Lake (ohhh…Gun Lake frightens me…too big). My father-in-law remodeled the kitchen over the winter, turning it into a bright and spacey “work” room while keeping the history of Aunt Kate’s purchase back in the 1950s. I believe he peeled off 7 layers of wallpaper each having a distinct trend to the era in which it was present. The first time I saw the finished kitchen I said to my FIL “If you thought I spent a lot of time in the kitchen before, just wait to see how much I am in there this summer.” 

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Lemon Bratwurst Soup with Horseradish Yogurt


Monday, monday! Time to do my weekly purge of items in our fridge and get creative!

I had enough veggies to make a vegetable stock, but feel free to use store bought chicken stock or veggie stock if you already have it in your pantry! I used all my vegetables that I had left from my Doorganics bin from last week. Not sure who Doorganics is…check them out! They are an amazing local company.

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Good Ol’ Egg Salad

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Maybe it’s spring (or lack there of), maybe it’s the vastly approaching Easter (not sure)…but egg salad sounded super delicious. So I made some with my little brown eggs. I am not one to follow the no meat on Friday’s rule…but I know a lot of my family & friends do so this is a simple recipe that you can make for a couple days worth. We in fact don’t eat a ton of meat on a day to day basis so it was nice to switch it up and get some good, smelly protein in our diets.

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